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Real Estate Market Update December 2021

December 2021 Whidbey Island Real Estate Market Update

By Freeland Office | Jan 5, 2022

🚨 Here it is folks! Your year-to-date Whidbey Island Real Estate Market Update.  CLICK HERE TO GET THE PRINTABLE PDF!   🗺️ Stats are separated by area: South, Central, & North Whidbey.   🏡All stats represent only the residential & condo sales, except for the ones specifically for vacant land. May not represent all market […]

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June 2021 Events on Whidbey Island

By Freeland Office | Jun 2, 2021

June 2021 Events Whidbey Island . Your June 2021 Events on Whidbey Island Calendar is ready with Summer just around the corner. Whidbey Island might as well be paradise on earth this time of year.  So get out there and have some fun!  Below is a list of events happening this month to go enjoy. […]

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Geocaching on Whidbey Island

By Freeland Office | May 31, 2019

Geocaching on Whidbey Island Why is Whidbey Island the Perfect Place? It is no secret that Whidbey Island is an astonishingly beautiful place. It’s the kind of atmosphere that draws you outside to enjoy the many state parks and breathtaking beaches. Countless trails dot the landscape all across the island. These trails and parks are […]

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Our Community Joined Together for a Greater Good and it was “MAGICAL”

By Freeland Office | May 17, 2019

Our Community Joined Together for a Greater Good and it was “MAGICAL” The Event: David Davinci On May 3rd Oak Harbor, Washington welcomed a particularly unique traveler to our shores with promises of mind-bending illusions and thrilling prestidigitation. Great anticipation brought over 450 people to fill every seat in the Oak Harbor High School auditorium. […]

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How to Get the Wiggles out in the Winter!

By Freeland Office | Jan 14, 2019

How to Get the Wiggles out in the Winter! Its that time of year where the holiday decorations have been stowed away, the invites for parties and activities have slowed, and the festivities for the season have come to an end. However, there is just one issue; that little one of yours did NOT get […]

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Summer Time Sweet Treats

By Freeland Office | Aug 14, 2018

Summer Time Sweet Treats What do you do to keep cool in these hot summer months? One of our favorite things is to head out for a cold and sweet treat! Thankfully, Whidbey is home to some amazing places for just that! KAPAWS Iskreme – 21 Front St NE, Coupeville A post shared by Family […]

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Parks in Oak Harbor

By Freeland Office | Aug 2, 2018

Parks in Oak Harbor With summer winding down, we love to get outside and enjoy that glorious sunshine, and what better way to do that than visit some of the many parks in Oak Harbor? We love these parks because they are close by which makes them perfect for an after-work picnic or an evening […]

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Upick Berries

By Freeland Office | Jul 5, 2018

UPick Berries There is nothing that will make you appreciate delicious berries more than the sweat and work that goes into picking them. Working for those juicy goodies will only make them taste even better, and that’s why we love the opportunity to visit local farms for their U-Pick berry events. There are several farms […]

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Whidbey Island Pop-up Flower Stands

By Freeland Office | Jul 5, 2018

Whidbey Island Pop-up Flower Stands Summer on Whidbey is a magical time for many reasons but one of the most idyllic reasons is the beautiful little flower stands that pop-up all over the Island as the ground warms up. They’re almost all honesty stands, which speaks to the culture we enjoy in this community and […]

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