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Oak Harbor Windermere Foundation Scholarship Application

The Windermere Foundation Scholarship is designed to encourage and recognize eligible students who show determination in seeking to continue their education, in conjunction with contributing to society through various forms of community service, especially regarding the homeless or those at risk of becoming homeless. Priority is given to those students who themselves are at risk financially and without the help of the Foundation might not continue their education. Students need not attend a four-year college or university to receive this scholarship; any form of continuing education (such as trade/vocational programs, technical colleges, etc.) will be considered for the scholarship. It is the Foundation’s belief that continued education is but one of the ways we at the Foundation can contribute to the eradication of homelessness in our community.


$6000 will be awarded in amounts up to $2000 at the discretion of the Oak Harbor Windermere Foundation Scholarship committee.

Directions:  Please read all instructions carefully. Answer all questions completely. Be sure to sign the form upon completion. Remember to print legibly and include your name on any additional pages used.


Apply online before April 1st here.

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